Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

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Interlibrary Loan is a service which allows users to access materials available at Israeli universities and colleges other than Tel-Aviv University.

The service, which is a joint venture of Israeli Universities, is available for a fee. The cost of ordering materials from colleges is usually higher.

Please note: the service does not apply to all Israeli colleges.

Materials not available at any Israeli university or college can may sometimes be ordered from libraries abroad.

​The following Israeli universities participate in this joint venture:

  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Bar-Ilan University
  • Haifa University
  • The Hebrew University Libraries
  • The Technion
  • The Weizmann Institute of Science
  • The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism

  • Which items can be requested ?

    One can request items which are not owned by any of the Tel-Aviv University Campus libraries.

    Please confirm, via the DaTa system, before submitting your request(s) that the item(s) is/are not available at any of the Campus Libraries.

    There are 3 exceptions under which item(s) can be requested even if the catalog shows them listed in TAU libraries collections:

    • "Lost" or "Missing" status – If the item can't be located on the shelf. Please ask the librarian to search for the missing book – After an intensive search; the librarian may change the status to "Lost" or "Missing".
    • "Binding" status.
    • If you've encountered any "Special/Unusual" circumstances – please elaborate. We may allow exceptions.​
  • Submitting a Request

    Requests should be placed online only.



    The online request form includes two tabs:

    1. Request a book (or request a photocopy of a book chapter).

    2. Request an article from a journal.

    • The form should be filled out accurately and include all necessary bibliographical data. Please do not use abbreviations.
    • Once the form has been submitted, a confirmation with an order number appears onscreen. It is recommended that you save the confirmation. 
    • Please submit one request per form. For more than one item several request forms should be used.

    You can track the status of your request and its due date in "My Account".


    Request Status:

    • New   - New request;
    • Sent to Supplier – Your request has been sent to a designated supplier;
    • Waiting Patron Response – Additional information is required in order to fulfill your request. Please check your e-mail for our message.
    • Loaned to Patron – The item is in your possession;
    • Closed – Request has been supplied and delivered. Book returned to supplier;
    • Cancelled – The request has been cancelled. Please check your e-mail for an explanation message. 

    ILL librarians are doing their best to supply requested items as soon as possible, however, delivery times depend on the Universities that own these items

    E-articles are usually sent within  three days while book deliveries may take  7-14 days 


  • Pickup and return of ILL Items

    Pick up and return of borrowed items is at entrance floor, Interlibrary Loan Office, Room 112 – during office hours only

    (Effective February 10, 2016)


    • Items may be borrowed for a period of two weeks.
      If not requested by the Supplying Library University that owns the item(s), the loan period could will be extended up to two months.
      You will be notified by e-mail several days before the items are due back.

    • Please make sure you to return the borrowed items on time. Returning them past their due date Late return will incur result in a daily fine of 10 NIS per item.
    • If you would like to extend the loan period, please do not forget to contact the ILL department ) well before the due date) either by Phone 03-6408746 or e-mail at
    • If the requested item is an article, you will receive it either as a hard copy or in the form of a link to a scanned document.
    • Payment for hard copies is due at the time of pickup.
    • Payment for scanned documents can be made by credit card either at the library in person or over the phone.
      ​The link is active for two weeks, after which it will be deleted 
  • Request items from abroad

    Books and articles can be requested from Universities and Colleges abroad using the same online request form

    The requests are handled by our ILL librarians while taking into account cost and efficiency considerations.

    You have the option of limiting the amount you'd be willing to pay for the requested item(s). Use the "Remarks" field in the online request form to state your maximum price.  ​We will try to obtain the item(s) at that price (or lower), whenever possible.

  • Payment Trems & Conditions


    Payments can be made by cash or credit card. (in person/phone)

    Service Cost
    Borrowing a book from
    an Israeli University

    17.00 NIS per item 
    Requesting a photocopy/scan
    from an Israeli University

    1-50  Pages:  25  NIS

    51-100 Pages: 55 NIS

    Microfilm/Microfiche costs vary between: 4.5-7 NIS

    according to the copied page size

    Borrowing a book from
    an Israeli College and from the National library

    30 NIS
    Requesting a photocopy/scan from
    an Israeli College

    30 NIS  (1-50 pages)
    55 NIS (51-100 pages)
    Borrowing a book from
    a University/College abroad

    The fee charged by the University/College
    abroad + Shipping & service  charge.

    Minimum cost: 30 NIS.

    Maximum price will be coordinated with the student/ faculty member submitting the request.

    Requesting a photocopy/scan from
    a University/College abroad

    The fee charged by the University/College abroad + 10 NIS service charge.

    Maximum price will be coordinated with the student/ faculty member submitting the request.



    Attention – prices are subject to change from time to time.

    By submitting an online request form you agree to pay for the ILL service.

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