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The limited loan collection is comprised of textbooks as well as basic study books on a variety of subjects. Most titles may be borrowed with the exception of encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Readers may conduct their studies in the reading hall and use five multifunction printers for printing, photocopying and scanning. Payment for usage of the printers is either by credit card or a special magnetic card  that can be purchased/recharged at a machine located next to the lobby attendant.

Limited Loan Collection
  • Borrowing books


    Who may borrow books?

    Tel-Aviv University students and faculty members.

    How many books may I borrow?

    Up to 7 books.

    How long may I hold borrowed books?

    • "Three-day loans" books (Red sticker).
    • "One-day loans" books (Blue sticker).
    • "Night loans" books (Status 06)
    • these books may be borrowed at 18:00 hours and returned by 10:00 o'clock the following day.

    Books which were requested should be returned by 18:00

    On Fridays, requested books should be returned by 12:00 noon


  • Loan renewal and book requests

    Loan renewal

    Loan renewals are possible for books with red and blue stickers - three-day and one-day loans respectively .Once a book has been borrowed, it can be renewed in one of the following way:


    • Automatic renewal service and loan notifications

    The automatic renewal service is available on a daily basis. Books will be renewed as long as they have not been recalled by another person, and their renewal complies with the library's rules and regulations.

    Notifications on titles which are due back and can no longer be renewed are sent by e-mail only.

    Please update your e-mail address on the University's website Student Portal

    The e-mail will be forwarded to an alternate e-mail address:

    • Using the DaTa system

    Click "My account" at the top right corner of the screen.

    • Via the circulation desk

    Loans are renewable by phone:                                                
    03-6408369 | 03-6409570

    Loans may not be renewed if one of the following applies:

    • The book is a "Night loan" item (status 06).
    • The book was recalled by another reader.

      Please Note:   The borrower must verify the due date(s) of the loaned book(s) by clicking "My Account" at the top right corner of the DaTa webpage.

    Recalling borrowed books

    • Readers may submit a recall request for three-day and one-day loan books (bearing red and blue stickers respectively).
    • Recalling a copy is only possible when all other available copies have been borrowed.
    • Once the book has been returned, you will receive notification by e-mail. The book will be available for you at the circulation desk for up to 24 hours.
    • Please follow the recall status via "My Account"
    • If you decide not to borrow the recalled book, - please be kind enough to let us know, so that other readers can borrow it without having to wait for the end of the 24 hour period.
    • You have the option of deleting the recall request via "My Account". Click on "Requests" (left side of the screen), click on the number next to the title, and choose "Delete request"



  • Books returns and fines

    Returning books

    You can return books to the library at the following locations:

    • The circulation desk.
    • A drop box located next to the library's entrance.
      When choosing this option please do not forget to verify that the due date  and time have not yet expired.  
      The drop box is closed 17:00-20:00 Sunday-Thursday and 11:00-12:30 on Friday 
    • Books which are due Friday should be returned to the librarian at the circulation desk by 12:00 noon.


    Paying fines

    Returning a book passed its due date/hour will result in a fine.
    The fine is calculated separately for each title.

    Fines, as determined by the university's management, are calculated as follows:

    • 15 NIS per day  for three-day (red sticker) and one-day loans (blue sticker)
    • 10 NIS per hour  for night loanbooks (status 06).


    Appealing a fine payment

    If you believe the fine payment request was created by the DaTa system by mistake, or there had been special circumstances preventing you from returning the book(s) on time, you may submit an online appeals form.

    Please read the circulation rules and regulations prior to submitting an appeal
    ​Not being familiar with them does not count as a valid appeal argument.

    ​Military reserve service or a doctor's note are examples of valid appeal arguments. Your appeal will be answered within a week.

    *Readers who carry a debt will not be allowed to borrow books until their debt has been paid in full or otherwise resolved.


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