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Books from both library's general  and limited collections may be checked out at the circulation desk located at the entrance hall.

To check out books you must present a valid library ID card or any other form of identification that may be requested.



  • Who is entitled to borrow books

    • Students and faculty members of Tel Aviv University are entitled to all services upon presenting one of the following forms of ID:
      • a valid student card or certificate issued by the registration center
      • a tuition payment receipt
      • a current faculty  member ID card
    • Students from other universities (minimum requirement: members of graduate programs) as well as academic staff members must present a signed liability form from their university library. To download the form please click liability form  
    • Retired staff members must present a pensioner identification card.
    • Subscribed library members must present a current subscription.
    • How to purchase a library subscription?


  • Loan periods and borrowing limits

    Loan Periods by Item Status

    • Regular loan books - two weeks (renewable)

    • Non-circulating books, item status 99 - may be borrowed for a weekend starting Thursday at 5 pm, due back Sunday 10 am.
    • In-library restricted books, item status 98 - cannot be borrowed.
    • Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, guides etc.) from the first and second floor are not for loan. The limited loan collection (ground floor) holds a variety of dictionaries in many languages, which can be borrowed for 3 days (renewable)

    • Periodicals - students and academic faculty members of Tel-Aviv University may borrow periodicals for a short term loan period of two hours for use outside the library.
      Periodical issues which can be borrowed (regular loan and 3 days loan) are subject to the library loan policy and restrictions.


    Borrowing Limits and Loan Periods

    Standard books on loan will renew automatically on a daily basis for a maximum renewal period of one year, provided that no hold requests have been placed on them during that period.  


    Academic Status Loan Period
    Undergraduate students

    Up to 50 standard books for a two week loan

    Up to 3 non-circulating books (status 99) for a weekend loan
    Graduate students

    Up to 50 standard books for a two week loan

    Up to 3 non-circulating books (status 99) for a weekend loan
    PhD students

    Up to 100 standard books for a two week loan

    Up to 10 non-circulating books (status 99)  for two weeks
    Academic faculty members (PhD)

    Up to 100 standard books for a two week loan

    Up to 10 non-circulating books (status 99)  for two weeks
    Administrative Staff & retirees

    Up to 50 standard books for a two week loan

    Up to 2 non-circulating books (status 99) for a weekend loan

    Up to 5 standard books for a two week loan

    All Student and faculty members Periodicals -  two hour loan period for use outside the library.
    Limeted loan collection 

    Up to 7 books

  • Renewals and hold requests

    The Automatic Renewal Service and Loan Notices:

    The library offers an automatic renewal service for books on loan.
    Books are renewed daily based on the library's loan policy and restrictions, and as long as no hold requests have been placed on themLoan expiry notices for books that cannot be renewed are sent by e-mail only.
    Library users are requested to update their e-mail address either through the personal information page on the TAU website or the user account in DaTA.

    In order to forward the notices to a different e-mail account, please follow this link:

    • Please note: it is the  borrower's responsibility to check the due dates of books on loan.  The best way to do this is to sign in to your library user account through DaTA: My Account > List of Active Loans

    Items cannot be renewed when:

    • A hold request has been placed on the book by another user
    •  It is a non-circulating item on loan for a weekend
    • The item's maximum loan period has been exceeded


    Maximum loan period according to library policy:

    • Up to one year from checkout   for standard books (two week loan)
    • Up to two months from checkout     for non-circulating books - these loan privileges are offered only to PhD students and academic faculty members  

    You may place hold requests for books currently out on loan:

    • Through DaTA, after signing in
    • Through the "Aleph" library catalog, after signing in
    • At the circulation desk, with the assistance of a librarian
    • If you no longer intend to borrow the books you requested, please notify the circulation desk as soon as possible for the benefit of other library users. It is also possible to cancel the request with your library card

    • An arrival notice will be sent to your e-mail address when a book you have requested is waiting for you.


    SMS Arrival Notices by text messages

    As part of the university's SMS notification service (provided by the Mail-Bit company), students can now receive arrival notices by text messages when requested books are waiting for them at the circulation desk or the undergraduate library.
    The service is provided for a fee.
    For more details on registering with Mail-Bit please see 


    Information about books on hold can also be obtained through:

    • "My Account", after signing in
    • MyTAU

    A book that has been requested will be kept on hold at the circulation desk for three days following the arrival notice 


  • Returns and fines

    Returning Books

    You can return books at the following locations:

    • Circulation desk
    • Book drop located next to the entrance to the building.

    If you choose this option, please bear in mind that the items should be returned before they are dueThe book drop is closed Sunday-Thursday between 5-8pm and Friday between 11am-12:30pm

    Books with hold requests that are due on a Friday should be returned to the library before 12pm



    Checking your loan status:

    • Through "My Account" in DaTA, after signing in
    • Through "My Library Card" in the "Aleph" library catalogue, after signing in


    Overdue Fines

    Failure to return items on time will result in a fine as follows: 

    • Reserved book loans: 15 NIS/day per book
    • Regular book loans: 10 NIS/day per book
    • Subscribers: 15 NIS/day per book, for reserved as well as regular book loans
    • Items on loan for two hours: 10 NIS/ per item
    • Books with hold requests: 10 NIS/day per book. This fine applies  to academic faculty members as well as students.



    If you believe your fine was the result of an error, or if there were extenuating circumstances preventing you from returning the book on time, you can submit an appeal form.
    Before submitting the form, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the library's loan policies. Not being aware of them is by no means considered grounds for an appeal.

    An illness confirmation note from your doctor or a letter from the military reserves, may entitle you to an exemption for the time period covered.
    Response to an appeal will be sent within a week from the date it was submitted.
    Users who owe a fine will not be allowed to borrow books until the fine has been paid in full or canceled!

  • Lost books

    Lost Book Fees

    If a library user loses a book, it is his/her responsibility to notify the library immediately and replace the lost book with a new copy. The replacement copy should be purchased as soon as possible to avoid additional overdue fines.
    If the book is out of print, the user will be charged a replacement fee along with processing charges an overdue fine for the time period in question.



    • A library user checking out a book on behalf of someone else will have to present that person's ID along with an authorization letter(*).

    ​(*)Authorization letters will only be accepted on behalf of users, who are part of the Tel-Aviv University community. Students and faculty members from other universities with loan privileges, may not issue authorization letters to a third party.

    • Users may not pass books around from one to another
    • The library reserves the right to shorten the loan period of any book at any time due to a high volume of demand and requests
    • It is the  user's responsibility to notify the library as well as the student services division if his/her library card was lost or stolen
    • For information on any of the sub-libraries' loan policies, please refer to the sub-library in question


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